My wife and I moved to Santa Rosa Beach in August of 2009 with dreams and aspirations of being a homeowner on 30-A. Like many others, we were able to purchase land after the market crash and are now living out our dream in this amazing place.

I’m not writing this to rub dirt in the face of those who suffered during this time. It’s very unfortunate what our economy went through, not only in our area, but nationwide. However, I do believe that in the midst of tragedy, miracles can happen.

When we first purchased our lot in Forest Lakes, we started shopping around for contractors. For most people that build their dream homes on 30-A, being budget conscientious isn’t necessary, but for us, it
was a must. We wanted the best bang for our buck and every nook and cranny had to be explored for us to stay in budget. Little did I know that our answer was only 1/10 of a mile away from our rented home.

When my friends, Bob and Cheri Peebles (owners of Grayt Coffeehouse), suggested we go right down the road to Mathews Development Company, my wife and I didn’t waste any time dilly-dallying. Cheri got our approval to set up the meeting, and the next day we were in James’ office (construction manager and partner of the company).

From talking to Cheri, James knew our budget and knew the house plan that we picked out would have to be altered to stay in our price range. Without taking out any of the charm and space of our house plan, James explored every cost-saving strategy to keep us where we needed to be. Not only did he get us our house, but kept us in budget, and kept us in the loop on every decision (no matter how small) that was needed. Mathews Development was also very studious in the building process and kept to schedule. The building permit was attained on 5/27/10 and the home was completed with the final inspection on 10/20/10. My wife and I appreciated the dedication to the craft.

We are now in the 3rd year of the living in our dream home.  Life on 30A has been good, and part of that can be attributed to the commitment that Mathews Development show to their clients.  There have been several times where I have a question concerning the house or other houses in our area, and James has always been there to answer my queries. People always discuss the “painstaking process” that building a home can be, but James and the crew at Mathews Development Company made the experience as pain­ free as possible. In all fairness, building our home was downright enjoyable. Mathews Development has been a great resource to my wife and I and I’m proud to say that James and I have become pretty good friends!

I knew nothing of the Mathews Development Company before Cheri introduced me to them, but I  can say now, with utmost confidence, that if you are looking for a team that will have your best interest at heart and will work hard to maximize every dollar you have, look no further than the Mathews Development Company. Seriously, it’s what the building experience should be.


Recommendation Letter for Mathews Development Co.
Ryan & Anna Cothran
Forest Lakes Development of Blue Mountain Beach
76 Okeechobee W, Santa Rosa Beach FL